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Hey, singing and dancing Dig-lets! (PemDig-lets? PemDig-ets? People who like productions by Pemberley Digital, okay?)

We’ve been out of the loop. We know.

Unfortunately, it will have to remain so for a bit. We love you, we love doing this, but we have a lot going on right at the moment. After the move, there was a family wedding and holidays and family things that take time and attention from awesome things like this, but put them in the right place.

We’ll be back as soon as we can, but I wouldn’t expect it before New Years.

In answer to a question we received, though, YES. Welcome to Sanditon and Emma Approved are absolutely up for musical adaptation.  You’ll excused us if we keep the name as is, though.


"A Little Brains, a Little Talent" from Damn Yankees

Joie here, with a little head-canon for you! When I saw this lyric, this mini-fic just happened in my head:

Lydia wasn’t her sisters. And she didn’t want to be! They seemed to be happy, but their lives were slow, boring, downright pathetic in their lack of epicness some days. Jane’s had improved some with her hot boyfriend, but even that was far less exciting than the swimmers who were making their way through town. Although, Lydia wasn’t on the prowl right now. She was saving that for later when she could drag her super anti-social (unless it’s the internet) sister to Carter’s. Because Lizzie wasn’t totally unfortunate - she just lacked any instinct to party. Oh, and there was her total inability to dance.
But, even when she wasn’t feeling generous, Lydia knew Lizzie was more than merely pretty. If she just would socialize and maybe wear something that had a little pizzazz to it! Some color!
So, to pass the time while she waited, Lydia was watching Damn Yankees. By herself. Because she’d never hear the end of it if someone knew she was watching a fifty-five year-old movie. She couldn’t help it though - Gwen Verdon was her spirit animal. Well, one of them. Sassy, flirty, fiery, and SO DELICIOUSLY sexy. Oh, and legs for days. All of it wrapped up in the same red hair, confidence, and individuality that Lydia attacked life with every day. Because there was absolutely no point in life any other way.
If only Lizzie and Jane could see that! Gwen was just thrilling to watch as she used all those assets.  ”A little brains, a little talent…” They went a long way. And until Lydia could use hers, well, she would dance in her room right along with the goddess on the screen.
"This queen has her aces in all the right places!" came from the screen and Lydia knew just what to do to help Lizzie break out of that lonely, monologuing-to-strangers-she-couldn’t-see shell. Lizzie had the equipment, she just needed someone to teach her how to highlight and use them.
Someone with the spirit of Gwen Verdon.  And someone with the perfect top.
She snatched the article of clothing and sprinted for Lizzie’s room.

I know, I know, it’s COMPLETELY silly.  But I love this moment for Lydia and Lizzie because I think Lydia is genuinely trying to help and show love to her sister.  This is one of the many moments I feel like were misread by Lizzie and that Lizzie’s rejection of the top (to be fair, I would, too, because I am NOT comfy baring skin at that level) might have meant more than Lizzie thought.  But I also love this moment because it was a happy moment, at least for Lydia.  So, please excuse the head-canon.

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